The Role and Risks of chatbots in Healthcare Industry

In emergency situations, bots will immediately advise the user to see a healthcare professional for treatment. That’s why hybrid chatbots – combining artificial intelligence and human intellect – can achieve better results than standalone AI powered solutions. There are three primary use cases for the use of chatbot technology in healthcare – informative, conversational, and […]

Healthcare Chatbots: How GSK, Univer & Zambia MOH are enhancing patient care

One of the best ways chatbots can help fight the global pandemic is by assisting in the war against misinformation. Unfortunately, since the pandemic’s beginning, there’s been much misinformation about the virus. According to the National Institute of Health, it is estimated that using AI applications can cut US annual healthcare costs by $150 billion […]

Chatbots for Saas Business Freshchat

AI also uses all details they have stored in CRM, maximizing the potential of internal resources. We are currently working on an advanced modal to boost AreaButler sales. We’re enhancing a truly excellent real estate product with AreaButler’s expertise in data analytics, marketing and technology and Brocoders’ software development expertise. They receive notification of an […]